Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that come up from time to time. If you have any further questions, please call us at (303) 745-5500. We are constantly updating this list so check back often. You may even see one of your questions here one day!

The service call pays for the truck to come to you. The cost to have and maintain the vehicle, fuel, insurance, storage and the drivers time to travel to you. You are getting a mini lock shop coming to your door!

No, we are not affiliated with the county.

Sometimes quotes can be done over the phone. Sometimes we have to view a site in order to quote a job properly. Sometimes there is so much work involved or travel—we cover most of Colorado—that we have to charge a small fee. More often than not, a quote will be free. The good news is that we will let you know ahead of time whether there will be a charge.

Check our safe page, call your insurance company and call us. It is confusing but it really depends on what you'll be storing in the safe.

Different levels of security determine the bolt structure of a safe door.

External hinges allow the safe door to swing more than 90 degrees.

The mechanical dial lock is more reliable and will last longer, the electronic digital lock is easy to use and you can change the combination yourself. Both are equally safe.

Yes, we can make almost all transponder, vats and high security car keys.

Having two keys instead of one will just leave you juggling keys in the dark. If you lose or have your keyring stolen, both keys are lost anyway. The only reason you may want a separate key is to allow someone limited access to your home or business, as in a maid or janitorial service. On days they are scheduled you simply leave the lock the maid doesn't have the key for unlocked. Other times, you lock both locks and the maid's key will not open the door.