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Formerly CCTV, security cameras are now available to virtually anyone with a computer. Not only can you view public webcams (traffic, weather etc.) you can install cameras at your business or home and view from any computer! Add the optional audio and you can see and hear what the mice do when the cat's away. What used to cost thousands of dollars can now be accomplished with mere hundreds.

Covert cameras are offered in many items, from pocket pens to planters to exit signs. The images from these cameras are typically used to assist in prosecuting theft, often times internal.

Security cameras are an effective way to protect assets and they increase security by watching your property when you can't. Arapahoe County Security Center can help design a custom IP or CCTV security camera system to fit you r needs. 4-, 8-, 16- or 32-camera systems, wired or wireless. ACSC will professionally install cameras to ensure the best picture quality possible whether infrared, varifocal, zoom, low light etc. To record those images, Digital Video Recorders (DVR's) are stand alone units made for the sole purpose of storing images. Ask one of our security specialist to assist you in designing your camera system!

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