Access Control is our passion

Enjoy the ability to control access to a door or area by means of, well, locks. Locks come in many forms to secure doors but the control is in the means of opening the lock.

The convenience of Access Control

Our wide selection of access control solutions, including cloud-based access control, allow you to dictate who can enter what areas of the property and when. Whether you need to control one door or hundreds, we have the options to fit your organization's needs and budget. 

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Choose from standard keys (like your home door key) or high security keys that can't be duplicated without proper authorization. These keys require a special key cutting machine and access to Medeco specific blanks.

Key Card Systems

Our access card systems can work with computer-based programming with virtually limitless options for individual cards. You can control who has access to what doors and when. Security can be monitored with audit trails.

Keypad Locks

Choose from standard, mechanical locks in which everyone uses the same code or electronic digital ones that allow many individual codes. You can set access times and view audit trails to see who used the lock and what time they entered.


This relatively new field includes fingerprint identity, retinal scan or other physical attributes for access. Biometric access is often used in the sensitive areas. Choose from a selection of products to fit your needs.

The Convenience of Cloud-Based Access Control

We’ve streamlined the card access process with our cloud access control platform. Now you can take advantage of technology and manage the system features from anywhere you can connect to the Internet, in the office, on the road, remotely, day or night.

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Cloud Access Control System

Cloud Access Control

Why Cloud?

  • No software to load or maintain
  • Automated database backups
  • Manage via mobile phone, tablet or PC with browser connection
  • Easy, intuitive web browser card administration
  • Automatic email reports

Cloud Admin User Interface
Card Administration

It’s convenient, fast and simple. The web interface allows you to easily update cardholder information and parameters, such as:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Department
  • Expiration periods
  • Authorization groups
  • PINs and more

System Automation

System Automation

  • Automated scheduled reports
  • No local server or software maintenance
  • Updates and database storage are automated via the Cloud

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