Have You Ever Thought About Going Keyless?

Maybe you have grown tired of rekeying your locks every time an employee loses a key or leaves the company. Or perhaps you simply want to take your business to a new security level. Whatever your situation, keyless entry systems give you an easy way to make your office, warehouse, restaurant, or apartment complex safer than ever.

If you still do not feel convinced, have a look at the list below. This list shows you the advantages that come with having keyless entry locks on your building’s doors.

1. You and Your Employees Do Not Have to Worry About Losing Keys

Even if you employ the world’s most trustworthy workers, they may have a temporary judgment slip and leave their keys behind at a restaurant, on a bench at a local park, or on their car’s hood while they run in for groceries. Human error happens. However, keyless entry locks eliminate the consequences of this particular error.

Additionally, should you have disgruntled employees who sell or lose their keys on purpose, keyless systems prevent the repercussions from that decision as well. You do not have to make every access code or access keycard identical—you can make them unique to each person who visits your place of business.

2. Keys Will Not Break or Jam in the Lock

Sometimes, even if your employees do not lose their keys, they accidentally break the key in the lock or jam the lock instead. As a result, nobody can use the affected door, whether your employees need to enter or leave. You will have to call a locksmith to repair the lock before anyone can come to work or go home.

However, if you have a keyless entry system, you will not have to worry about this problem happening ever again. When keyless locks malfunction, their problems usually arise because of IT-related issues, not hardware ones. Your own IT team can fix the problem quickly and efficiently, and you will not have to pay locksmith fees.

3. You Can Easily Find the Lock Even in Low Visibility

Your business likely has exterior lights. However, while these lights may illuminate the entryway, they may not illuminate the keyhole on your locks, so you and your employees may fumble with the locks in low visibility. On the other hand, most keyless locks have lighted keypads or reader strips, so you will not have to struggle to find the right groove in the door.

4. Every Employee Has a Unique Access Code—So You Can See Who Comes and Goes

As mentioned above, you do not have to give every employee an identical access code or keycard when you have a keyless system. You can give everyone a unique code instead. A unique code allows you to track who enters and exits a building at different times. So, if a crime occurs during any of those times, you know who to track down to get explanations.

Additionally, if you use unique cards or codes and someone accidentally loses his or hers or gives it to someone else, you do not have to rekey your entire business. You simply reset the one code or card, and your business becomes 100% protected again.

5. The Locks Do Not Have Keyholes, So You Avoid Lock Picking

Only the world’s most advanced burglars can pick a keyless entry lock. After all, these locks no longer have a keyhole, so burglars cannot pick the lock with traditional lock picks. They will either need advanced technical training or a stolen code or keycard to get in.


The information in the list above represents only a few benefits you could reap when you go keyless. If you would like to learn more, or if you would like to install this technology at your office, call a local locksmith today.

3 Outdated Home Security Methods You Should Stop Using

Entertaining news articles would have us believe that many burglars and thieves are a few watts short of a light bulb. Hapless robbers leave behind fingerprints, wear plastic bags on their heads, or turn themselves in to receive a reward.

But the best criminals never end up in the news. They’re in an out of your home in less than 15 minutes, and they get away with your iPad, your smart phone, and your social security number before the alarm ever detects their presence.

These top-notch thieves stay abreast of the ever-changing world of security, so you can count on them to spot these outdated security techniques in a heartbeat.

1. The Hide-a-Key Fake Rock

If you frequently lose your keys, you naturally want a spare key nearby to access your home. You know that most people check under the doormat or in the nearest flower pot. So a hide-a-key rock seems like a logical way to keep a spare.

Unfortunately, many of these fake rocks look just that: fake. The plastic covering stands out like a weed amidst your carefully pruned flowers. And any determined thief who watches your habits for a day or two would quickly pinpoint where you’ve hidden your spare.

Upgrade: Keyless Entry Locks

With today’s modern technology, you don’t even need a key to open your front door anymore. Biometrics allow you to scan your fingerprints and unlock your door in a matter of seconds. If you have a little more money to invest, you could even opt for a retinal scanner to keep criminals and thieves at bay.

2. Alarm Company Signs

When your neighbors invest in a home security system, the company often provides free signs and stickers with their logo. Supposedly these signs alert would-be thieves that the home has protection and that they shouldn’t even waste their time breaking in.

But posting signs and stickers don’t do you much good if you don’t actually have a system in place. A quick glance at your home would reveal an all-too-apparent lack of security cameras, motion-detection lights, or reinforced doors.

Upgrade: Invest in a Home Monitoring System

You don’t have to be wealthy to buy a home monitoring system. Security cameras that used to cost thousands of dollars are now available for hundreds (or even less). Better still, when you opt for wireless cameras, you can access your footage from your personal phone or computer wherever you may be. As a result, you can check in on your home and call the police without leaving your vacation early.

3. Leaving on the Lights

In the past, you could tell whether your neighbors were home based on their lights. And naturally, if you left your lights on when you left for a date, many of your family or friends would assume that you were still at home.

But burglars often scope out their next target for days at a time, recording your habits and the times you leave your home. When you leave your lights on throughout the entire night, they’ll know you’ve left for vacation and won’t be back anytime soon.

Upgrade: Timed Lights

Timed lights allow you to match your lighting to your lifestyle. For example, if you normally go to bed at 9:30 p.m., you can set the timer to switch off your lights at that same time every night. Or if you typically enjoy a snack at 1:30 a.m., you can set your lights to turn on for a few minutes and off again at the specified time.

Stay Up to Date on Home Security

When you make these three upgrades to your home, you’ll have an increased likelihood of deterring future thieves.

But remember that the security world is constantly changing along with advances in technology. In a few years, even your upgrades may become obsolete. To stay abreast of these changes, check our blog frequently for updates and suggestions.

6 Reasons to Rekey Your Office


As a business owner, you have a number of vital responsibilities that keep the company successful. You meet with partners, suppliers, angry customers, and other parties to ensure your business stays in good report. You also oversee processes within your company so that each product or service you provide meets quality and safety requirements.

However, one of your most important responsibilities involves keeping your business secure from intruders. After all, you have access to your employees’, partners’, and customers’ sensitive information, and you want to ensure no one steals that data. You also have valuable equipment and products-and you may even have cash on hand.

To keep all your assets secure, you have to adopt safety policies like rekeying your locks when necessary. Below, you will find a list of six situations that require you to rekey your locks.

1. You Just Bought a New Building

You built or bought a brand new building so you would not have to make your company fit into a pre-used space. However, even though this building has only had locks and keys for a short while, those keys may have unknown copies floating around. Realtors and construction crews need their own keys, and they may have lent those keys to anyone.

Err on the side of caution. Have a locksmith rekey the building’s locks before you bring anything valuable inside.

2. You Just Bought a Pre-Owned Building

Pre-owned buildings have even more key problems than their newer counterparts. After all, previous occupants could have made key copies for family members, friends, suppliers, or employees. Any one of those people could use their key to enter your office and do as they please.

Rekey your locks and simplify your life. When you rekey, you have total control over who has a key and who doesn’t, especially if you take advantage of modern technologies like electronic signatures within your keys.

3. You Fired or Let Go Someone Who Vowed Retribution

Even if you tried to deal with this employee as fairly as possible, he or she may still harbor hostile feelings towards your company. Additionally, even if a disgruntled employee does not break in, he or she may give their keys to someone who will. Thus, if you suspect that a previous employee could harm your company, rekey the locks.

4. You or One of Your Employees Lost a Key

If anyone loses a key outside your office or near your premises, that key becomes a security risk. Instruct your workers to report missing keys immediately. If you do not retrieve the key, change the locks around your property as soon as you can. Even if no one ever picks up that lost key, you do not want to risk your company’s security on the assumption that nobody will use it to break in.

5. Someone Broke Into Your Office

Perhaps your office has already experienced a break in. Although the intruder may have entered through a window or an unlocked door, you cannot assume that your locks are still secure. That intruder may have picked up a spare key on his or her way out.

6. Your Keys Have Worn Out

Keys eventually rust, warp, and erode, so if you have an older building with older locks, you may need to replace them soon. Tell your employees to inform you when their keys fail to work seamlessly. If several employees have trouble with the keys and locks, the time has come to switch them out.


When any of the above scenarios apply to your business, get in touch with a reliable locksmith company in your area. Locksmiths can help you keep your office secure no matter how many disgruntled employees or other threats you encounter.

4 Reasons to Feel Thankful for Security Cameras


In the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, you might think of things to feel thankful for. Perhaps you feel grateful for a recent promotion at work. Maybe you feel indebted to a friend or neighbor who recommended that you start your own business. Or you simply feel pleased that you have a comfortable home and loving family.

As you list all the good things in your life, don’t forget to acknowledge some of the benefits your security cameras offer to you, your family, or your business.

1. They Deter Theft

The average criminal prefers an easy target. Homes with unlocked doors or windows, buildings with poor lighting, and properties with tree or shrub cover all create opportunities for theft. And in many cases, the criminal can sneak in, steal property, and flee the scene unnoticed in less than 10 minutes.

Security cameras, however, pose a challenge for thieves. To avoid arrest, criminals have to take extra measures to stay out of the camera’s line of sight and disguise their appearance. Otherwise, they’ll end up in jail not long after they break into your home.

Furthermore, cameras usually indicate additional security measures such as drill-resistant locks, safes, and reinforced doors that will take even more time and effort to bypass. Consequently, if they notice a camera on your property, many thieves will move onto a home that lacks basic protection.

2. They Keep an Eye on Your Children

As a loving parent, you do your best to vet all potential babysitters and nannies that enter your home. You check backgrounds, scrutinize interviews, and ask for recommendations to ensure your children stay safe while you are away.

However, even sitters with a glowing history might not interact well with your children or properly handle your child’s medical conditions. Security cameras let you check in on your children as often as you want, or you can watch the entire evening’s events via taped footage. If you see any issues in childcare, you can bring up the problem with your sitter and discuss ways to resolve them responsibly.

Just remember to let your babysitter or nanny know about the cameras, so he or she feels comfortable with the situation.

3. They Promote Productivity

If you run a business, you may expect your employees to work professionally and honestly 24/7. You trust your staff to complete their assignments in a timely fashion and to treat your clients with respect.

But as your business grows, you might not have the ability to watch and monitor your employees’ progress. And you never know if a staff member sneaks office supplies home after his or her shift.

To keep your staff on task and honest with their work, you can place security cameras in key areas of your building. When your team knows you supervise their performance, they’ll likely act on their best behavior. And if theft does occur at the office, you can use the footage in your investigation.

Keep in mind that you should never place security cameras in restrooms, fitting rooms, or lockers, as these violate workplace privacy.

4. They Lower Your Insurance Premiums

As a homeowner or business owner, you likely have to pay high monthly insurance premiums to protect against emergencies. But did you know that security cameras can lower these rates significantly?

On average, many insurance companies offer discounts to homes and businesses with security cameras and digital video recorders. Sometimes, the discounts can lower premiums by as much as 15% to 20%.

Better still, cameras can reduce your liability. If an individual were to fake a slip and fall accident, the footage could save you thousands of dollars in falsified medical bills.

Enjoy Your Security Cameras This Fall

As you can see, security cameras offer plenty of benefits that you could feel grateful for. And with a little creativity, you could easily think of additional ways your security cameras help you at home or in the office.

Don’t have a security system? Talk to a security specialist about installing cameras throughout your property this fall.