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Arapahoe County Security Center is open and committed to your safety. With you for the last 30 years, with you today.

UPDATED 4/28/20: There has been a lot of information, and misinformation, being spread around recently regarding COVID-19, and we wanted to make our position clear. Now that Colorado is on a state-wide stay-at-home order, some businesses have been declared essential services that are allowed to remain open. We fall into this classification, so we will…

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6 Reasons To Rekey Your Office

As a business owner, you have a number of vital responsibilities that keep the company successful. You meet with partners, suppliers, angry customers, and other parties to ensure your business stays in good report. You also oversee processes within your company so that each product or service you provide meets quality and safety requirements. However,…

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3 Outdated Home Security Methods You Should Stop Using

Entertaining news articles would have us believe that many burglars and thieves are a few watts short of a light bulb. Hapless robbers leave behind fingerprints, wear plastic bags on their heads, or turn themselves in to receive a reward. But the best criminals never end up in the news. They’re in an out of…

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Have You Considered Going Keyless?

Maybe you have grown tired of rekeying your locks every time an employee loses a key or leaves the company. Or perhaps you simply want to take your business to a new security level. Whatever your situation, keyless entry systems give you an easy way to make your office, warehouse, restaurant, or apartment complex safer…

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