Arapahoe County Security Center is open and committed to your safety. With you for the last 30 years, with you today.

Yes, we're open

UPDATED 4/28/20: There has been a lot of information, and misinformation, being spread around recently regarding COVID-19, and we wanted to make our position clear. Now that Colorado is on a state-wide stay-at-home order, some businesses have been declared essential services that are allowed to remain open. We fall into this classification, so we will remain open. Our storefronts have been reopened, but if you need our locksmith, security, access control, camera, or safe services in the Front-range area, call 303-745-5500. You can also email us at ​​, but you may receive quicker responses via phone.

Our number one priority is keeping our community safe and secure. Customers must maintain a safe distance and wear protective masks if possible. We are currently prioritizing emergency services such as lockouts, security system repair/maintenance, securing properties, and keeping vehicles running. Whether you’re a property owner, homeowner or vehicle owner we are here to help, as always. ACSC is here to ensure that your investments and possessions are protected. These services include, but are not limited to: door, hinges, and locks inspections, securing access points, site surveys, verifying electronic-security systems, and boarding up windows. Even though our storefronts are closed for the time being, we are setting appointments on a limited basis to protect the public. We will not be able to take every appointment. But, please call 303-745-5500 to see what is available, emergency work will be prioritized.

We are committed to taking all of the necessary health & safety precautions such as keeping a 6’ distance from any customers, using gloves at all times, and sanitizing our work areas in our offices and in the field. We’re actively listening to news and updates directly from the CDC and other government health officials to ensure we’re doing everything that we can to provide these vital services while keeping our customers’ health at the forefront of our concerns. ACSC sees this as our duty to the community that we have loved and served for over 30 years.

If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call. For additional information about Colorado’s stay-at-home order and the essential businesses that are deemed to stay open, please ​read this article​ from the Denver Post.